This is an online service to assist with maintaining company links when relocating. It would be funded by companies and NGOs, and help them to avoid losing their contacts, which cost $Millions / year

It would work by people registering their relocation and easily sending messages to all of their affiliated companies (who have an account with the system), and the company, after being alerted, would:

  • Either update their records, or
  • Contact the user through their own channels to confirm that the updates are correct

This puts the incentive on companies to facilitate address updates rather than making it a chore of the individual, and thereby avoid losing customers

This makes the task of updating address details with 10s of different companies very easy

Especially useful for:

  • Backpackers
  • Travellers
  • Military families
  • Women getting married- update to Surname
  • Transgender- updating name and gender details
  • Or anyone who is moving, even if it’s a one-off


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