A site enabling consumers to find others who share a grievance with a company over a product or service

This capitalises on new ‘class action’ directives from the EU which will allow this new type of case to be brought against companies

Use case:

If I was continually charged for exceeding my data usage even if my phone said I was staying within limits, I could search this site to try to find other people with the same complaint.

If I found other people who had a clear case of manipulation by the service provider, we could form a class and pool resources to take an action against the company

The site would facilitate access to law firms who specialised in a particular area of law to take on the case

The point of this legislation is to discourage big companies from abusing customers when they know individuals wouldn’t have the resources to mount an action on their own. This site provides a specialised method for finding co-claimants, forming a case and obtaining representation.


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