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The files available for download below are free extension created by Netamity. These are a combination of free and previously commercial products, however support is no longer provided for them due to time restraints. 

All downloads are offered as non-supported and possibly legacy products. No warranty is provided and all users use these extensions without support. Netamity is not responsible for any loss of data or problems caused by the use of these, and users accept full responsibility for this.

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Contented PDF: This package of extensions allows your users to compile a single PDF document from articles they select on your site. The user adds the item to a basket through a link above or below an article, view and re-order items in a basket, and view (and download) the PDF for later reading:

  • Ability to add page numbers
  • Unicode for other character sets
  • Ability to add page numbers
  • Ability to add a custom cover page to each report, configurable by admin
  • Ability to generate a table of contents listing each article in the document
  • Compatible with Joomla articles and K2

_force_ini version may be useful for non-English language users

Data Download: Write queries and download CSV data from your joomla database, such as article hits or user stats. Optionally provide this as a link on the front end to enable non-Admin users to download data (subject to the ACL measures you put in place.

AccessText: Show or hide portions of content in articles based on the user group.

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