Netamity: Jailbreaking Joomla!

  • About Netamity

    Here you can find out all about Netamity's past, present and future

  • Specialisms

    Andy has been working exclusively with Joomla since 2010, creating bespoke extensions and customising others to fit the needs of his clients. Although Andy is an all-rounder, active in the Joomla! forums helping others with their issues, there are a few areas in which he specialises.

  • News & Articles

    A selection of writing by Andy related to Joomla! and web development

  • Free Extensions

    Netamity's main business is creating bespoke Joomla! solutions that cater for the specific needs of mid-to-big organisations. But here are a few extensions created in the past that are available free to the Joomla community.

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