Image Upload Custom Field Package

The Image Upload Custom Field Package consists of two Joomla! plugins. A custom field plugin allowing you to add a file input into your component forms, and an ajax plugin that dynamically saves the file in the specified folder.

You can now add an image field to your user registration form, allowing your users to add a profile picture or other image. The addition of images was previously impossible without providing users access to the media gallery, something that was inappropriate to a profile picture use case

The uploads the image asynchronously, avoiding the requirement to have a multipart form, and allowing users to see if the image meets requirements before form submission.

Configuration of the plugin allows admins to filter images based on filetype, dimensions and file size. You can also specify where the images are saved.

Download the Image Upload Plugins Package

The package consists of two plugins, and both plugins must be installed and enabled in order to make use of the functionality.

Applications for categories, articles and contacts is limited, given that these are usually accessible only to Author-level users who already have access to the media gallery, but I'd love to hear about your use case.

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