With this component, you can allow your users to send bulk messages to other users via the Pushover notification platform.

The system was created for fire services in Australia, but can be used for any community site where message notifications are required

Features of the system:

  • Allow users to add their own Pushover App ID
  • Allow users to view messages already sent to them
  • Allow users to create new messages, and choose recipients from a list of users
  • All included users receive an alert through the Pushover app
  • Users can set the priority of the message
  • Use ACL to control who can send messages, add their own App IDs, use higher level priorities and more
  • Message creation from front of back end

Note: The extension is offered on an 'as-is' basis, as it was created for a specific client. Please don't use this on a production site without thorough testing beforehand. The feature set may be updated in the future, depending on demand.

Download here: com_contactpush

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