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Personnel monitoring systems

A particular type of development I've seen from businesses using Joomla is monitoring systems for staff or customers. In highly-specialised industries, management may have a need to monitor processes or attendance. 

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Big data

Several recent clients needed to process large amounts of data in order to gather the insights about their business that they needed. Netamity worked with them to identify key indicators in their data, and process the figures in order to get the insights they needed. Big data presents special problems, whether it is in storage, server performance, archiving or security.

We worked with them to achieve the goals and make best use of the abundance of data that was previously being under-utilised 

Custom APIs

Several recent projects have required the creation of a custom API for drawing data from variant sources, standardising and storing that data, then presenting useful analytics for clients. 

The projects were highly industry and platform specific, requiring a completely bespoke solution to harness data stored in various places into one repository, or making live calls to external data sources where this was the favoured approach.

These kinds of projects require not only a well-thought-out approach to data structures, but also creativity in combining different approaches to requesting and effectively storing the valuable data while maintaining the business' security imperatives.

If your business has divergent data, and you need an interface for merging and beatufully displaying the insights hidden in that data, then please contact Andy

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