Summit Summit

Online conferences are gaining in popularity, but there is no ‘done-for-you’ service that facilitates everything from promotion and ticketing to video conferencing and live-streaming services. Such a service would put the power of organising online conferences into the hands of niche interest groups where previously the cost and logistics would have been prohibitive.

This is a web service enabling those wanting to stage online summits, conferences and meetups to:

Set-up, promote and sell tickets to their events

Allow speakers to:

  • Create an appointment schedule for one-to-one video call sessions with attendees (paid or unpaid)
  • Make live webcam presentations
  • Share media
  • See attendee comments and questions

Allow attendees to:

  • Book into scheduled talks by leaders in their field
  • Book one-to-ones with industry leaders
  • See live audio visual presentations from speakers
  • Participate in live commenting during addresses
  • Access attendee-only videos and resources after the event

These could also allow conventional conferences to incorporate a virtual cohort to their events



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